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Multi Sport Pro


Multisport Pro New Version

AbTronic™ Sport-Elec series expands its range of products and offers a solution to everybody’s needs.
The brand new Multisport Pro device has been developed for sports people wishing to combine muscle strengthening and recovery.
Its new outlook, its simple and precise use are specifically designed for men and women seeking a powerful and sophisticated electrical muscle stimulator.

AbTronic™ Multisport Pro is a high performance unit with 4 channels (including 344 variations of programs).

94 programs are available and are divided into 16 categories: “8 sports programs” and “6 health programs”. These programs are at various frequencies, helping your muscles to re-charge quickly and to recover from intensive training, muscle fibers can be stimulated throughout their length.

AbTronic™ Multisport Pro is equipped with an extra-large LCD screen and with a rechargeable battery. The device operates with adhesive gel pads attached underneath the modules.

Abtronic™ Multisport Pro’s 4 modules enable a swift and easy installation. Each module is marked by its corresponding color indicator.
The benefits of Multisport Pro have been clinically proven, and help toning and shaping your muscles, muscle relaxation and recovery

The modules are connected to the unit with USB plugs. The USB connectors allow the use of 4,3,2-channels or single channel to stimulate muscle areas of your choice. Using a single channel (module) is ideal for the relaxation and recovery program.


94 Programs
Quick and easy installation
CE certificate

Technical Details

Biphasic current

94 Programs

344 program variations (or stages)

4 separate adjustable channels

Power supply: 4.8V – 1,300mAh – rechargeable NiMH battery

Warranty: 2 years

Package Includes

1 Multisport Pro device
4 Connection modules
4 Adhesive gel pads
4 Dual electrodes with attached lead wire
1 Mains adapter
1 Instruction manual
1 Rechargeable battery


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