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Ageless Wonder, Slim & Nina Silk total 3 pcs in 1 set



Ageless Wonder
Look ageless and tighten your face with Ageless Wonder. It is perfectly safe and clinically proven effective to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while slowing down the ageing process.

Abtronic Slim
AbTronic® Slim utilizes advanced EMS technology to help you lift, tone, firm & tighten the bum and thigh areas. Contracting and relaxing the muscles provide the best result for a firmer and more sculpted profile.

Nina Silk
No matter how thick or thin, from your legs to your chin, Nina removes the hair instantly and pain free! This revolutionary pain-free hair removal system gets rid of unwanted hair.


Ageless Wonder
• Use EMS technology to exercise facial muscle to look firmer & more lifted
• Designed to help tighten, tone and smooth your facial skin
• With 6 programs including 30 intensity levels to enhance result
• Help you to look younger without costly and painful surgery
• Scientific Proven technology & Safely & effectively

Abtronic Slim
• Advanced EMS stimulation
• Intensive Vibration
• 2 integrated contact skin electrodes
• 6 Toning Programs
• Adjustable Intensity Levels
• 6 Intensive Vibration modes
• Battery operated (3 x 1.5V AA battery)

Nina Silk
• Revolutionary Crystal-silk surface removes hair Instantly & Pain Free !
• No plucking, no waxing, no shaving, no zapping
• No pain! No irritation
• Slower hair regrowth & exfoliates for silky skin
• Nina Micro is perfect for upper lip, chin, eyebrows and more
• Long lasting design & won’t wear out


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Prices based in US dollar


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