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Abtronic X8



The AbTronic® X8 features a revolutionary design that directly targets your 8 pack abdominal muscles. Unlock your potential for maximum benefit and get a firmer stomach.
With more than 1,000 contractions per minute, AbTronic® X8 stimulates your muscles and helps you achieve your fitness goals.


• High End EMS technology
• Mainly for Abdominal Muscle
• Detachable controller
• 6 stimulation modes
• 8 intensity levels
• Durable high end silicon pad
• Hi-tech conductive area for maximum efficiency
• Battery operated

28 reviews for Abtronic X8

  1. Lee kit chi

    Just wanna try n hope it could works!

  2. Nichole Matt

    Light and thin so very easy to use. But it took me some time to get used to the muscle contractions. LOL

  3. Sung Ye Chin

    I try almost one month and my tummy looks firming .. its a amazing ! so nice!!!

  4. Myra Rad

    Good product. Can I buy one more set offline and please tell me how?? Thanks!

  5. kin lee

    it is easy to use and the muscle contraction is obvious!

  6. Chung Kong Lee

    用左接近兩星期 成舊野好輕 都幾易用 係公司用都5會話好礙眼

  7. Sander Choles

    Just got it from the delivery, looking forward to its performance the product looks smart though!

  8. LISA G.

    The muscle contractions are pretty obvious and very handy to use, great for office and home!

  9. marie


  10. 上次做promo一次過買左兩個 同老婆一齊用 有瘦到 幾堅

  11. Raven

    效果幾明顯但有時唔知點簡program, 有6個咁多

  12. George T.

    buy jor nearly 5 weeks la~ho jenggggg~~~~hope there will be discount again soon!! fai ddddd

  13. Ludgero Garcia


  14. Sally Cheung

    . 好搞笑AH!!!!!真係個肚D肉會自己CONTRACT 超得意 <3

  15. lou chan

    俾完錢好快收到貨品,so far用左五日,啲肌肉真係會收縮,幾好

  16. kin

    岩岩discount買JOR好抵 let’s wait and see~~~~

  17. Fong Li hang


  18. Chow Tsz Chun

    le個真係幾正, d肌肉真係曉震, 我每晚放工返屋企用幾個字有實左

  19. Lilyangel


  20. Isabelle Sy

    初初開始用可能會有D緊張因為佢真係會令你D肌肉自己收縮,但好快慣幾得意,唔錯既 product.

  21. NG YUK LUN

    I want to buy X8

  22. carl

    i love the result

  23. Jack

    Hi, I want to buy this. Where can I buy in Taiwan?

  24. Caparas Reynante


  25. Reynante caparas

    Nice I like this

  26. Reynante


  27. Noppasorn Wongchotpinthong

    Abtronic x8

  28. rami

    Fake belt its not working as they say

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