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Abtronic X8s 2 pcs in 1 set



The AbTronic® X8S offers unique design that helps you to train and visibly tone your arm and leg muscles.
The AbTronic® X8S stimulates your muscles with more than 1,000 contractions per minute for maximum benefit and best results.


• High End EMS technology
• Mainly for Arms & Legs Muscle
• 1 set has 2 pcs
• Detachable controller
• 6 stimulation modes
• 8 intensity levels
• Durable high end silicon pad
• Hi-tech conductive area for maximum efficiency
• Battery operated

11 reviews for Abtronic X8s 2 pcs in 1 set

  1. Chan Tsz Sing

    之前買過for腹肌果隻x8幾好所以試埋呢個x8s, 貪佢可以周圍貼, 手臂又得大脾又得, 做gym都用會瘦得快好多

  2. Fu K.W.

    雖然唔太清楚佢咩原理但又真係work, 貼上個身啲肌肉會「不受控」收縮, 哈哈, 但唔痛亦都唔會難受, 好似做緊運動咁, 幫你消耗熱量, 推薦

  3. P.L. Wang

    I love using it on my upper arms and thigh for most of the time, it feels so amazing to have your whole set of muscles contracting with the help of new teachnology. It works and I am not kidding u

  4. 智恆


  5. Carl S.

    Light-weight and effective product, it does all the exercises for you!

  6. Pang Victoria

    我手腳冇咩需要反而坐得OFFICE多 所以肚同PAT PAT比較肥 呢個可以兩個部位都用得所以就買左(其實好似咩部位都得?) SO FAR用左個半月效果幾明顯的 J

  7. Gigi Yeung

    Ho interesting and useful J I can basically wear it/wrap every where on my body~ buy jor 2 sets at once !!!!

  8. Bonnie

    我中2用距黎震下手臂同hip位 舊野可以屈曲所以夠貼身 力度又可以調較 依家刀日日用

  9. michaelfung881


  10. Louis Lai

    個設計吾錯 好薄又軟身 圍住d bye bye肉黎震幾過癮!

  11. Maurice Kobler

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