ABTRONIC™EMS is designed to copy the messages sent from your brain to the abdominal muscle during exercise. This message causes the muscle to contract and relax.
No, it doesn’t, as AbTornic™ uses a specific designed current and waveforms to maximize the muscular contracti
No – the principle is the same for general training of muscles- the more exercise, with suitable periods of rest, the stronger the muscles become.
Yes – absolutely. ABTRONIC™EMS is not age dependent and can be used at any age. However, the very elderly and children should use it under supervision and, keep the intensity low
As long as the gel sheets are not worn or dirty and are kept firmly against the skin you will not feel any unpleasantness. At low intensity you will feel a slight tingling sensation but as the intensity gets higher you will only feel the pleasant contraction. Start using it correct position on your body between the rib and hipbone.
Each muscle will respond differently, so intensities will accordingly be different. Move the AbstonicX6 around to find the right trigger point that gives you maximum contraction.
Yes – If exercise is inadvisable due to ill health, then a medical practitioner should be consulted before using this or any other device. Read all contra-indications on the last page carefully!
Depending on the frequency of use and body fat, you should notice increases in abdominal strength within 2-4 weeks. Abdominal muscle tone will show within approximately 4 weeks after incorporating the ABTRONIC™EMS into your program.
Move the ABTRONIC™X6 slightly to find the right trigger points that give maximum contractions and the most pleasant feeling. Try increasing the intensity. This could also be caused because either the gel sheet worn or dirty, or is not tightly placed against the skin.
A slight redness of the skin after a session with the ABTRONIC™X6 is normal. It should fade quickly. Some pressure to the skin may also cause it. You should not be concerned about this. If the redness is excessive, that means the gel sheets are worn or dirty. Replace the gel sheets with the new ones.
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